Fossil Fuels Hub

Helping tackle one of the biggest and most solvable contributors to the climate crisis

The Fossil Fuels Hub brings together state and non-state partners to promote significant reductions in methane and black carbon emissions from the oil, gas, and coal industries.

The Hub supports action by:

  • Matching governments, inter- and non-governmental organisations, and private sector actors to tackle emissions
  • Providing access to technical expertise, advice, and training that are central to successful transformation in the sector
  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices

Opportunities for action

Transmission pipeilne

The fossil fuels sector is responsible for around 35% of global human-derived methane emissions.

OIl and gas operations

Fossil fuel sector methane emissions can be cut by 65% (on 2010 levels) using current technology.

Detecting methane leaks

Less than 3% of the income accrued by oil and gas companies in 2022 would cover the investment needed to reduce 75% of methane emissions from oil and gas.  

Coal mining. Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash

Up to 98% of coal methane mitigation measures and up to 80% of oil and gas methane measures could be implemented at negative or low cost.


The CCAC aims to reduce methane and black carbon emissions from the fossil fuels sector. We aim to reduce methane by at least 45% by 2025, and by 60-75% by 2030.

Current technologies can reduce methane emissions by 71%. To be consistent with 1.5ºC scenarios, by 2030 methane from the fossil fuel sector needs to be reduced by at least 65% compared to 2010 levels. Most measures to capture methane can be done with low or negative cost.

Our goals are to:

  • Advocate for governments to prioritise methane and black carbon reductions from the fossil fuel sector
  • Support governments seeking to regulate fossil methane and black carbon
  • Support knowledge transfer of technologies and good practice to eliminate routine flaring and promote efficiency for unavoidable flares
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To achieve our goals for the fossil fuel sector the CCAC is:

  • Highlighting the favourable cost-benefit ratio of reducing emissions
  • Providing expert assistance to national and subnational governments to develop regulations and policies
  • Tracking emissions and flaring and coordinating with other organisations
  • Supporting regulatory approaches for near-zero or low-emission operations
  • Facilitating peer-to-peer support and technical assistance for national and sub-national regulations and policies
  • Developing new financing approaches and strategies, including pricing, market, and other instruments
  • Promoting knowledge transfer of technologies and the adoption of best practice
  • Delivering training on methane emissions sources, mitigation options, monitoring and reporting, regulation and financing approaches
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The Fossil Fuel Hub is co-led by Colombia, European Commission, Norway, and United States. Co-leadership by countries ensures government engagement and ownership of the solutions. Co-leads provide valuable insights into the policy process to help ensure implementation is practical from a national perspective.

The Fossil Fuel Leadership Group consists of both state and non-state members that provide guidance and expertise, and connect the Hub to activities underway beyond the CCAC.

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