[KE-23-001] Kenya - Develop a heavy-duty vehicle sub-sector strategy and roadmap for moving to Euro 6/VI emission standards


Kenya’s National SLCP Plan has identified heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency improvements as one of the priority SLCP mitigation measures in the transport sector. 

Actions and implementation pathways include enforcement of existing emission standards for local manufacture or importation of heavy-duty vehicles and an inspection and maintenance programme for emission inspection and testing of in-use heavy-duty vehicles.

Through the development of a sub-sector strategy, this project will provide more up-to-date national vehicles emissions data to support Kenya’s Nationally Determined Contributions revision in 2025 and help advance the CCAC’s Green Freight proposal that UNEP is implementing with the Smart Freight Centre (SFC).

This project is also expected to help advance efforts to adopt ultra-low sulphur fuel (diesel) standards of 10ppm in the East African subregion, which is a fundamental prerequisite for progressing through to Euro 6/VI.


This project aims to:

  • Develop a national Heavy-Duty Vehicles sub-sector strategy that can be endorsed by The Government of Kenya.
  • Develop a mandatory inspection and maintenance program based on the East Africa Community (EAC) Euro IV standard and low sulphur diesel standards that can be endorsed by The Government of Kenya.
  • Develop a roadmap to Euro VI emission standards that can be endorsed by the Government of Kenya.



To achieve these objectives the project will:

  • Develop a heavy-duty vehicles strategy.
  • Develop an action plan on vehicle emission testing and 10ppm fuels.
  • Develop a roadmap for moving towards Euro IV emission standards.
  • Conduct training workshops for the government officials to implement and enforce a mandatory heavy-duty vehicles inspections and maintenance programme.
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