Togo - Roadmap for the efficient and sustainable management of municipal solid waste in the city of Lomé

This project responds to a request by Togo’s Ministry of Environment and Forest Resources for support to develop a waste management roadmap with actions for mitigation of GHGs and SLCPs from the waste sector in line with existing national policies and NDC commitments for the city of Lomé. 


The project aims to achieve the following by its completion: 

  • Lomé has an action plan with clear steps in the waste sector to reduce methane emissions and preserve human health through efficient and sustainable management of solid household waste
what we're doing


The main project deliverables are: 

  • Waste-related data to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the waste sector. 
  • An update to the existing CCAC action plan for the city with recommended mitigation measures to reduce SLCPs from the waste sector. 
  • An assessment of the actions implemented of the original action plan and identification of the actions not implemented and the barriers that prevented their implementation.  
  • A roadmap for the implementation of the action plan that includes the necessary activities, projects, and programs.