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Asian Co-benefits Partnership White Paper 2016: Putting Co-benefits into Practice: Case Studies from Asia


This is the second Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP) White Paper. It comes at a watershed moment for the environmental and development community. Last year much of the world approved of a Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that could help transform development for the foreseeable future. One of the keys to this transformation will be capitalising on policies and measures with climate and development co-benefits. The second ACP White Paper helps present this global opportunity and demonstrates how cases that put co-benefits into practice in Asia can help realise it.

The first chapter outlines design features of the climate regime and SDGs that can promote co-benefits in Asia. Chapter 2 focuses on the waste sector, chapter 3 concentrates on the transport sector, and chapter 4 presents cases from Asia’s energy and industrial sectors. Overall the case studies shed light on the growing number of activities that could achieve climate and other development objectives in Asia.