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Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan


The Government of Bangladesh's Vision is to eradicate poverty and achieve economic and socialwell-being for all the people. This will be achieved through a pro-poor Climate Change Strategy, which prioritises adaptation and disaster risk reduction, and also addresses low carbon development, mitigation, technology transfer and the provision of adequate finance. Sections I to V of the document provide the context, outline the implications and likely impacts of climate change in Bangladesh, provide an overview of different adaptation strategies and briefly outline mitigation issues. Sections VI to VII describe a tenyear programme to build the capacity and resilience of the country to meet the challenge of climate change over the next 20-25 years.

The Climate Change Action PlanĀ is built on six pillars: 1) food security, social protection and health; 2) comprehensive disaster management; 3) infrastructure; 4) research and knowledge management; 5) mitigation and low carbon development; and 6) capacity building and institutional strengthening.



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