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CH4 continuous measurements in the upper Spanish plateau


Continuous methane, CH4, concentrations were measured in a rural area of the upper Spanish plateau from June 2010 to May 2012 by cavity ringdown spectroscopy technique. The results obtained have proven the local impact of anthropogenic nearby sources on CH4 concentrations, and evidence a significant influence on the overall mean, averaged daily and seasonal patterns recorded at the measuring site. The positive anomalies in CH4 concentrations, statistically significant at 95 %, in the southeast sector, defined here as ESE, SE, SSE and S sectors, have been attributed to the contribution of the Valladolid urban plume and the urban landfill. Based on this finding, CH4 background levels were associated to the concentrations recorded in the remaining un-disturbed sectors. CH4 means of the overall data set, the southeast sector and background sectors yielded average means of 1,894.1, 1,927.9 and 1,887.1 ppb, respectively. The diurnal and seasonal patterns of the overall data set and background concentrations have shown that CH4 concentrations are mainly dominated by its reaction with OH radicals. Maximum hourly concentrations were reached during night-time and early morning, 5–7 h, whereas minimum concentrations were recorded at 16 h. Maximum and minimum monthly means were recorded in January and July, respectively. The diurnal and seasonal amplitudes, namely, peak-to-peak means, of background concentrations were 25.1 and 48.1 ppb, respectively. These values were significantly lower than those obtained for the overall data set, 42.9 and 58.1 ppb, revealing the significant role of local influences on CH4 concentrations despite the low frequency of southeast winds recorded at the measuring site, 16.9 %.

Sánchez M. L., M. Ángeles García, I. A. Pérez, & N. Pardo (2014) CH4 continuous measurements in the upper Spanish plateau, Environ. Monit. Asses. 186:2823-2834.

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