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Control of PM2.5 in Guangzhou during the 16th Asian Games period: Implication for hazy weather prevention


To evaluate the effectiveness of the integrated control measures for reducing PM2.5 (aerosol particles with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 2.5 μm) and hazy weather, day- and night-time PM2.5 samples were collected at an urban site in Guangzhou during the 16th Asian Games period in November 2010. PM2.5 samples were subject to chemical analysis for major water-soluble ions, organic carbon (OC), element carbon (EC), and biomass burning tracers–anhydrosugar levoglucosan (LG). In addition, aerosol scattering coefficient (bsp) at dry condition and aerosol absorption coefficient (bap) and visibility at ambient condition were measured. The seven major control measures were effective for reducing PM2.5 mass concentration and improving visibility during the Asian Games period. All monitored air pollutants except PM2.5 satisfied the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). However, daily PM2.5 concentrations still exceeded the NAAQS on 47% of the days and hazy weather also occurred on 80% of the days during this period.

One factor causing the high frequency of hazy weather occurrence was the increased relative humidity during the Asian Games period. To avoid hazy weather occurrence, new PM2.5 standard was recommended based on visibility calculations using three available aerosol hygroscopic curves previously obtained for this city. The recommended PM2.5 standard was 63 μg m−3 under dry condition and lower than 42 μg m−3 under humid condition (RH ≥ 70%). These recommended values were much stricter than the NAAQS value of 75 μg m− 3. To reach the new standard, more rigorous control measures for coal industries should be established in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region.

Tao, J., L . Zhang, Z. Zhang, R. Huang, Y. Wu, R. Zhang, J. Cao, Y. Zhang (2015) Control of PM2.5 in Guangzhou during the16th Asian Games period: Implication for hazy weather prevention, SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 508:57-66.