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Report of the 2nd International Conference on Advancing Ozone and Climate Protection Technologies: Next Steps


In July 2012, the “Advancing Ozone & Climate Protection Technologies: Next Steps” conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand with over 400 participants, including representatives from industry, governments, environmental organizations, and academia. The conference included presentations addressing alternatives in the refrigeration, foam, and stationary air conditioning sectors.

In June 2013, a second conference was held in Bangkok with a focus on alternatives for air conditioning, foams, and other sectors, and a special focus on standards for climate-friendly alternatives. This conference was organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (CCAC), the United States of America, the European Commission, and The Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy. The conference was held June 29 – 30, 2013, in Bangkok, Thailand on the weekend following the 33rd meeting of the Montreal Protocol Open-Ended Working Group. This conference offered the opportunity for stakeholders to share information and updates on technologies, policies, standards, and the availability and end-uses of climate-friendly alternatives.

The conference addressed the technical aspects of the transition away from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and HCFCs to more climate-friendly alternatives, especially in the air conditioning and foams sectors, with an additional focus on standards. Technical presentations provided current information on both fluorinated and non-fluorinated alternatives for various applications, refrigerant management best practices, and potential timelines and challenges for continued implementation of these alternatives.

Pollutants (SLCPs)