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Visualization on Flow Patterns during Condensation of R410A in a Vertical Rectangular Channel


The visualization experiments on HFC R410A condensation in a vertical rectangular channel (14.34mm hydraulic diameter, 160mm length) were investigated. The flow patterns and heat transfer coefficients of condensation in the inlet region were presented in this paper. Better heat transfer performance can be obtained in the inlet region, and flow regime transition in other regions of the channel was also observed. Condensation experiments were carried out at different mass fluxes (from 1.6 kg/h to 5.2 kg/h) and at saturation temperature 28ºC. It was found that the flow patterns were mainly dominated by gravity at low mass fluxes. The effects of interfacial shear stress on condensate fluctuation are significant for the film condensation at higher mass flux in vertical flow, and consequently, the condensation heat transfer coefficient increases with the mass flux in the experimental conditions. The drop formation and growth process of condensation were also observed at considerably low refrigerant vapor flow rate.

Wenyun X., & J. Li (2014) Comparative thermodynamic analysis of a hybrid refrigeration system for promotion of cleaner technologies, J. of Thermal Science 23(3):269-274.

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