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    Workstream | SNAP
    The major health, climate, crop yield and ecosystem benefits of short-lived climate pollutant mitigation that have been identified in global assessments will only be achieved through widespread and...
    Workstream | Bricks
    The Coalition provides training to brick kiln entrepreneurs, policy makers and implementers, and key consumers to facilitate the adoption of modern kiln technologies and practices. In many developing...
    Bricks field training in Pakistan
    Activity | HFC
    Bangladesh | Closed
    As part of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s initiative on the promotion of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) alternative technologies and standards, Coalition partners approved funding to develop an...
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Activity | SNAP
    Jordan | Ongoing
    With the support of the Coalition's Supporting National Planning (SNAP) Initiative, the Ministry of Environment is working to develop an integrated emission inventory of greenhouse gases, short-lived...
    Group photo at the SNAP meeting in Amman, Jordan 2019
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