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Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

Black Carbon
2014 | Scientific Publications
Wang, R., S. Tao, H. Shen, Y. Huang, H. Chen, Y. Balkanski, O. Boucher, P. Ciais, G. Shen, W. Li, Y. Zhang, Y. Chen, N. Lin, S. Su, B. Li, J. Liu, W. Liu

Black carbon (BC) plays an important role in both climate change and health impact. Still, BC emissions as well as the historical trends are associated with high uncertainties in existing...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Shen, G., & M. Xue (2014) Comparison of Carbon Monoxide and Particulate Matter Emissions from Residential Burnings of Pelletized Biofuels and Traditional Solid Fuels, Energy Fuels (As Soon As Publishable).


Abstract - Widespread use of solid fuels affects indoor/outdoor air quality, human health, and climate change significantly. Replacing traditional solid fuels with affordable cleaner...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Qiu, C., A. F. Khalizov, B. Hogan, E. L. Petersen, & R. Zhang (2014) High Sensitivity of Diesel Soot Morphological and Optical Properties to Combustion Temperature in a Shock Tube, Environ. Sci. Technol. 48(11):6444–6452.


Abstract - Carbonaceous particles produced from combustion of fossil fuels have strong impacts on air quality and climate, yet quantitative relationships between particle...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Adachi, K., Y. Zaizen, M. Kajino, & Y. Igarashi (2014) Mixing state of regionally transported soot particles and the coating effect on their size and shape at a mountain site in Japan, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 119(9):5386-5396.

Abstract - Soot particles influence the global climate through interactions with sunlight. A coating on soot particles increases their light absorption by increasing their absorption cross section...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Feng, J., M. Zhong, B. Xu, Y. Du, M. Wu, H. Wang, & C. Chen (2014) Concentrations, seasonal and diurnal variations of black carbon in PM2.5 in Shanghai, China, Atmospheric Research 147–148:1–15.

Abstract - Concentration of black carbon (BC) in PM2.5 was measured continuously with an aethalometer during January 2010 and December 2011 at an urban site in Shanghai, China. The impact of...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Kulkarni, S., N. Sobhani, J. P. Miller-Schulze, M. M. Shafer, J. J. Schauer, P. A. Solomon, P. E. Saide, S. N. Spak, Y. F. Cheng, H. A. C. Denier van der Gon, Z. Lu, D. G. Streets, G. Janssens-Maenhout, C. Wiedinmyer, J. Lantz, M. Artamonova, B. Chen, S. Imashev, L. Sverdlik, J. T. Demint, B. Adhikary, A. D'Allura, C. Wei, & G. R. Carmichael

Abstract - Particulate matter (PM) mass concentrations, seasonal cycles, source sector and source region contributions in Central Asia (CA) are analyzed for the period April 2008–July 2009...

Hydrofluorocarbons & Alternatives
2014 | Scientific Publications
Wecht, K. J., D. J. Jacob, C. Frankenberg, Z. Jiang, & D. R. Blake (2014) Mapping of North American methane emissions with high spatial resolution by inversion of SCIAMACHY satellite data, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (Accepted Article).

Abstract - We estimate methane emissions from North America with high spatial resolution by inversion of SCIAMACHY satellite observations using the GEOS-Chem chemical transport model and its...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Zhao, B., M. Jingwei, Q. Zhao, L. Laurens, E. Jarvis, S. Chen, & C. Frear (2014) Efficient anaerobic digestion of whole microalgae and lipid-extracted microalgae residues for methane energy production, Bioresource Technology 161:423-430.

Abstract - The primary aim of this study was to completely investigate extensive biological methane potential (BMP) on both whole microalgae and its lipid-extracted biomass residues with various...

Tropospheric Ozone
2014 | Scientific Publications
Pfister, G. G., S. Walters, J.-F. Lamarque, J. Fast, M. C. Barth, J. Wong, J. Done, G. Holland, & C. L. Bruyère

Abstract - We use a regional coupled chemistry-transport model to assess changes in surface ozone over the summertime U.S. between present and a 2050 future time period at high spatial resolution...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Parrish, D. D., J.-F. Lamarque, V. Naik, L. Horowitz, D. T. Shindell, J. Staehelin, R. Derwent, O. R. Cooper, H. Tanimoto, A. Volz-Thomas, S. Gilge, H.-E. Scheel, M. Steinbacher, & M. Fröhlich

Abstract - Two recent papers have quantified long-term ozone (O3) changes observed at northern midlatitude sites that are believed to represent baseline (here understood as representative of...

SLCP impacts

Air Pollution
2014 | Scientific Publications
Chakraborty, A., R. S. Nanjundiah, & J. Srinivasan

Abstract - The impact of heating by black carbon aerosols on Indian summer monsoon has remained inconclusive. Some investigators have predicted that black carbon aerosols reduce monsoon rainfall...

Air Pollution & Health
2014 | Scientific Publications
Ostro, B., B. Malig, R. Broadwin, R. Basu, E. B. Gold, J. T. Bromberger, C. Derby, S. Feinstein, G. A. Greendale, E. A. Jackson, H. M. Kravitz, K. A. Matthews, B. Sternfeld, K. Tomey, R. R. Green, & R. Green

Background - Several cohort studies report associations between chronic exposure to ambient fine particles (PM2.5) and cardiovascular mortality. Uncertainty exists about biological mechanisms...

SLCP emission sources

2014 | Scientific Publications
Pittelkow, C. M., M. A. Adviento-Borbe, C. Van Kessel, J. E. Hill, & B. A. Linquist

Abstract - To meet growing global food demand with limited land and reduced environmental impact, agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are increasingly evaluated with respect to crop...

Biomass Burning & Cooking and Heating
2014 | Scientific Publications
Kaskaoutis, D. G., S. Kumar, D. Sharma, R. P. Singh, S. K. Kharol, M. Sharma, A. K. Singh, S. Singh, Atinderpal Singh, & D. Singh

Abstract - Aerosol emissions from biomass burning are of specific interest over the globe due to their strong radiative impacts and climate implications. The present study examines the impact of...

Fossil Fuels
2014 | Scientific Publications
Petron, G., A. Karion, C. Sweeney, B. R. Miller, S. A. Montzka, G. Frost, M. Trainer, P. Tans, A. Andrews, J. Kofler, D. Helmig, D. Guenther, E. Dlugokencky, P. Lang, T. Newberger, S. Wolter, B. Hall, P. Novelli, A. Brewer, S. Conley, M. Hardesty, R. Banta, A. White, D. Noone, D. Wolfe, & R. Schnell


Abstract - Emissions of methane (CH4) from oil and natural gas (O&G) operations in the most densely drilled area of the Denver-Julesburg Basin in Weld County located in...

Transport & Industry
2014 | Scientific Publications
Weyant, C., V. Athalye, S. Ragavan, U. Rajarathnam, D. Lalchandani, S. Maithel, E. Baum, & T. C. Bond

Abstract - Thirteen South Asian brick kilns were tested to quantify aerosol and gaseous pollutant emissions. Particulate matter (PM2.5), carbon monoxide (CO), and optical scattering and absorption...

Vulnerable Regions
2014 | Scientific Publications
Chylek, P., N. Hengartner, G. Lesins, J. D. Klett, O. Humlum, M. Wyatt, & M. K. Dubey

Abstract - Structural equation modeling is used in statistical applications as both confirmatory and exploratory modeling to test models and to suggest the most plausible explanation for a...

Cross Cutting & Emerging SLCP Source Sectors
2014 | Scientific Publications
Engelder, T., L. M. Cathles, & L. T. Bryndzia

Abstract - More than 2 × 104 m3 of water containing additives is commonly injected into a typical horizontal well in gas shale to open fractures and allow gas recovery....

2014 | Scientific Publications
Platt, S.M., I.El. Haddad, S.M. Pieber, R.-J. Huang, A.A. Zardini, M. Clairotte, R. Suarez-Bertoa, P. Barmet, L. Pfaffenberger, R. Wolf, J.G. Slowik, S.J. Fuller, M. Kalberer, R. Chirico, J. Dommen, C. Astorga, R. Zimmermann, N. Marchand, S. Hellebust, B. Temime-Roussel, U. Baltensperger & A.S.H. Prévôt

Abstract - Fossil fuel-powered vehicles emit significant particulate matter, for example, black carbon and primary organic aerosol, and produce secondary organic aerosol. Here we quantify...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Newell, R. G., & D. Raimi

Abstract - Advances in technologies for extracting oil and gas from shale formations have dramatically increased U.S. production of natural gas. As production expands domestically and abroad,...

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