Status of policies for clean vehicles and fuels in select G20 countries


International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
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This paper provides an update to the 2015 report, Policies to reduce fuel consumption, air pollution, and carbon emissions from vehicles in G20 nations, which summarized the status of clean vehicle and fuel standards in G20 economies. For this paper, the ICCT surveyed the participating economies of the G20 Transport Task Group to collect information on policies and programs that are under development by various government ministries and agencies. The findings reveal that the efforts made by multiple Transport Task Group countries to promote and support policies and programs—including stringent tailpipe emissions standards, fuel economy standards, low sulfur fuels, and green freight programs—are in good alignment with the long-term perspective and pathways of the Transport Task Group defined in the G20 Energy Efficiency Leading Programme. Opportunities for continued collaboration among G20 economies on policies for clean vehicles and fuels are described in the conclusions.

Summary of world-class policies that are adopted or under development


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