Climate and Health Research Network (CHeRN) is a project-based non-profit organisation that brings researchers together to work on climate and health-related projects with public policy relevance.

CHeRN does not undertake public policy advocacy. By facilitating the conduct of research that addresses public health and climate issues, the output of CHeRN projects may be useful in supporting public health and climate advocacy by others.

Find out more about the organisation on its website.

CCAC activities

Workstream | Bricks
A greater understanding of the brick sector’s pollution and climate impacts is needed in order to address black carbon and other short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) emissions. The Coalition’s...
Black carbon measurements


2020 | Reports, Case Studies & Assessments

Energy performance and emissions were measured at seven brick kilns in Colombia in summer 2016.. Measurement results include energy consumption, brick production rate, and emissions of particulate...

A construction drawing and guideline for the structural designs of Natural and Induced Draught Zig-Zag kilns proposed therein. The aim of this document is to provide step by step guidance in...


United States
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