India announced it was joining the Climate & Clean Air Coalition during its 2019 World Environment Day celebrations.

The country will work with Coalition partners as it implements its ambitious National Clean Air Programme, leveraging the Coalition's action-oriented partnership platform to help define priority actions that reduce air pollution and achieve development and climate co-benefits.

The Coalition will support India’s efforts to develop governance and local capacities to adopt and implement environmentally-friendly technologies and solutions.

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The Coalition's Municipal Solid Waste Initiative and partners are providing support to the East Delhi Municipal Corporation to formulate a workplan for improving municipal waste management, while...

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India’s National Clean Air Programme, launched in January 2019,  is a comprehensive strategy with actions to prevent, control and reduce of air pollution and improve air quality monitoring across the country. The Programme aims to reduce fine particulate (PM2.5) and particulate (PM10) air pollution by 20%–30% by 2024. 102 non-attainment cities have been identified and city specific action plans are being formulated.

Clean air and climate friendly technologies will be at the forefront of sustainable development for all countries and India is a global leader in the development of some technologies, infrastructure and policies in this field. India heralded a global coalition of nations to tackle climate change by leveraging the power of solar energy through the International Solar Alliance and has increased its vehicle emissions standards to BS6, which is similar to Euro 6 standards. The Central Government announced that from 2030 all new vehicles sold in the country would be electric vehicles.

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