Estimación de Beneficios Integrados de los Planes de Gestión de Calidad del Aire

Estimación de Beneficios Integrados de los Planes de Gestión de Calidad del Aire


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A final workshop for the project “Estimating the Integrated Climate, Environmental and Health Benefits of Air Quality Management Plans in the Metropolitan Areas of Aburra’s Valley and Cali (Colombia)” was held on 16-19 June 2020.

The objectives of the workshop were to: 1) provide tools to integrate health and climate benefits in the comprehensive management of air quality; 2) share the methodology and results of the project in Cali and Aburra Valley; 3) strengthen local capacity; 4) collect feedback from national authorities and health agencies on the potential to use these tools in other Colombian cities and throughout Latin America. 

Workshop participants agreed on:

  • the relevance of the study for Colombian cities and elsewhere;
  • the importance of making progress in defining a nationwide standardized indicator and a methodology to report health impacts related air quality,
  • the convenience of incorporating these results and tools as inputs to enrich the preparation of health-oriented air quality management programs and other relevant planning instruments; and
  • the need to strengthen actions that simultaneously address air quality and climate change, to achieve health, climatic and sustainability objectives, contributing to national and local decision-making.

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