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Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

General Information
2014 | Scientific Publications
Dora, C., A. Haines, J. Balbus, E. Fletcher, H. Adair-Rohani, G. Alabaster, R. Hossain, M. de Onis, F. Branca, M. Neira

The UN-led discussion about the post-2015 sustainable development agenda provides an opportunity to develop indicators and targets that show the importance of health as a precondition for and an...

Black Carbon
2014 | Scientific Publications
Takahama, S., L.M. Russell, C.A. Shores, L.C. Marr, J. Zheng, M. Levy, R. Zhang, E. Castillo, J.G. Rodriguez-Ventura, P.J.E. Quintana, R. Subramanian, M. Zavala, & L.T. Molina

Black carbon (BC) was characterized by three complementary techniques – incandescence (single particle soot photometer, SP2, at Parque Morelos), light absorption (cavity ringdown...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Cheng M.-D.

To design and implement an effective emission control strategy for black carbon (BC), the locations and strength of BC sources must be identified. Lack of accurate source information from the...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Feng, J., M. Zhong, B. Xu, Y. Du, M. Wu, H. Wang, & C. Chen (2014) Concentrations, seasonal and diurnal variations of black carbon in PM2.5 in Shanghai, China, Atmospheric Research 147–148:1–15.

Abstract - Concentration of black carbon (BC) in PM2.5 was measured continuously with an aethalometer during January 2010 and December 2011 at an urban site in Shanghai, China. The impact of...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Hodnebrog, O., G. Myhre, & B. H. Samset

Abstract - Black carbon (BC), unlike most aerosol types, absorbs solar radiation. However, the quantification of its climate impact is uncertain and presently under debate. Recently,...

Hydrofluorocarbons & Alternatives
Tropospheric Ozone
2014 | Scientific Publications
Ghude, S. D., C. Jena, D. M. Chate, G. Beig, G. G. Pfister, R. Kumar, V. Ramanathan

This bottom-up modeling study, supported by emission inventories and crop production, simulates ozone on local to regional scales. It quantifies, for the first time, potential impact of ozone on...

SLCP impact

Particulate Matter Air Pollution
2014 | Scientific Publications
Escobedo, L. E., W. M. Champion, N. Li, & L. D. Montoya

Indoor concentrations of airborne pollutants can be several times higher than those found outdoors, often due to poor ventilation, overcrowding, and the contribution of indoor sources within a...

Air Pollution & Health
2014 | Scientific Publications
Gordon, S. B., N. G Bruce, J. Grigg, P. L Hibberd, O. P. Kurmi, K. H. Lam, K. Mortimer, K. P. Asante, K. Balakrishnan, J. Balmes, N. Bar-Zeev, M. N. Bates, P. N. Breysse, S. Buist, Z. Chen, D. Havens, D. Jack, S. Jindal, H. Kan, S. Mehta, P. Moschovis

A third of the world's population uses solid fuel derived from plant material (biomass) or coal for cooking, heating, or lighting. These fuels are smoky, often used in an open fire or simple...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Karottki, D. G., G. Bekö, G. Clausen, A. M. Madsen, Z. J. Andersen, A. Massling, M. Ketzel, T. Ellermann, R. Lund, T. Sigsgaard, P. Møller, & S. Loft

This cross-sectional study investigated the relationship between exposure to airborne indoor and outdoor particulate matter (PM) and cardiovascular and respiratory health in a population-based...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Hamra, G. B., N. Guha, A. Cohen, F. Laden, O. Raaschou-Nielsen, J. M. Samet, P. Vineis, F. Forastiere, P. Saldiva, T. Yorifuji, & D. Loomis

Particulate matter (PM) in outdoor air pollution was recently designated a Group I carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). This determination was based on the...

SLCP emission sources

Biomass Burning & Cooking and Heating
2014 | Scientific Publications
Hayashi, K., K. Ono, M. Kajiura, S. Sudo, S. Yonemura, A. Fushimi, K. Saitoh, Y. Fujitani, & K. Tanabe

Abstract - We determined emission factors for open burning of straw of rice, wheat, and barley, as well as rice husks, and we incorporated the effects of moisture content on the emission...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Kliucininkas, L., E. Krugly, I. Stasiulaitiene, I. Radziuniene, T. Prasauskas, A. Jonusas, V. Kauneliene, D. Martuzevicius

Emissions from the fuel combustion in the energy production are causes of concern due to associated health risks, but little information is available on the impact of residential fuel burning on...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Xu, Q. et al.

The aim of this work was to study a hybrid bioreactor landfill technology for landfill methane production from municipal solid waste. Two laboratory-scale columns were operated for about ten...

Transport & Industry
2014 | Scientific Publications
Lang, J., S. Cheng, Y. Zhou, Y. Zhang, G. Wang

The on-road vehicular emission in China from 1999 to 2011 was estimated, based on the emission factors of vehicles with different emission standards calculated by the COPERT model. The CO, NMVOC,...

Fossil Fuels
Cross Cutting & Other SLCP Source Sectors
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