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Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

Black Carbon
2014 | Scientific Publications
Ozdemir, H., L. Pozzoli, T. Kindap, G. Demir, B. Mertoglu, N. Mihalopoulos, C. Theodosi, M. Kanakidou, U. Im, & A. Unal

Abstract - Black carbon (BC) is an important component of particulate matter due to its effects on human health and climate. In this study, we present the first BC concentrations measured in the...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Caulton, D. R., P. B. Shepson, R. L. Santoro, J. P. Sparks, R. W. Howarth, A. R. Ingraffea, M. O. L. Cambaliza, C. Sweeney, A. Karion, K. J. Davis, B. H. Stirm, S. A. Montzka, & B. R. Miller

Abstract - The identification and quantification of methane emissions from natural gas production has become increasingly important owing to the increase in the natural gas component of the energy...

Hydrofluorocarbons & Alternatives
2014 | Scientific Publications
Rigby, M., R. G. Prinn, S. O'Doherty, B. R. Miller, D. Ivy, J. Mühle, C. M. Harth, P. K. Salameh, T. Arnold, R. F. Weiss,P. B. Krummel, L. P. Steele, P. J. Fraser, D. Young, & P. G. Simmonds

Abstract - Atmospheric measurements show that emissions of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons are now the primary drivers of the positive growth in synthetic greenhouse gas (...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Toghill, K. E., M. A. Mendez, & P. Voyame

Abstract - A brief overview of the literature relating to electrochemical studies and processes undertaken in supercritical fluids is presented. This review mostly concerns carbon dioxide and...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Al-Alili, A., Y. Hwang, & R. Radermacher

Abstract - Solar cooling is a good example of addressing climate changes. In this paper, we provide overviews for working principles of solar thermally operated cooling technologies and reviews...

Tropospheric Ozone
2014 | Scientific Publications
Nzotungicimpaye, C., B. J. Abiodun, & D. G. Steyn

Abstract - As part of efforts to understand the sources of air pollution in Cape Town, this study investigates the local variation of tropospheric ozone (O3) and identifies possible advection...

SLCP impact

Air Pollution
2014 | Scientific Publications
Penrod, A., Y. Zhang, K. Wang, S. Wu, & L. R. Leung

Abstract - Changes in climate and emissions will affect future air quality. In this work, simulations of regional air quality during current (2001–2005) and future (2026–2030) winter...

Air Pollution & Health
Vulnerable Regions
2014 | Scientific Publications
Ménégoz, M., G. Krinner, Y. Balkanski, O. Boucher, A. Cozic, S. Lim, P. Ginot, P. Laj, H. Gallée, P. Wagnon, A. Marinoni, & H. W. Jacob

Abstract - We applied a climate-chemistry global model to evaluate the impact of black carbon (BC) deposition on the Himalayan snow cover from 1998 to 2008. Using a stretched grid with a...

SLCP emission sources

2014 | Scientific Publications
Abdoli, M. A., L. Amiri, A. Baghvand, J. Nasiri, & E. Madadian

Abstract - Anaerobic digestion (AD) treatment of agricultural and animal waste can be considered as a means of enabling environmental remediation. This research investigated two conditions of...

Biomass Burning & Cooking and Heating
2014 | Scientific Publications
Vakkari, V., V. Kerminen, J. P. Beukes, P. Tiitta, P. G. van Zyl, M. Josipovic, A. D. Venter, K. Jaars, D. R. Worsnop, M. Kulmala, & L. Laakso

Abstract - Primary and secondary aerosol particles originating from biomass burning contribute significantly to the atmospheric aerosol budget and thereby to both direct and indirect radiative...

Fossil Fuels
Cross Cutting & Emerging SLCP Source Sectors
2014 | Scientific Publications
Ross, M. N. & P. M. Sheaffer

Abstract - Space transportation plays an important and growing role in Earth's economic system. Rockets uniquely emit gases and particles directly into the middle and upper atmosphere where...

2014 | Scientific Publications
Rivard, C., D. Lavoie, R. Lefebvre, S. Séjourné, C. Lamontagne, & M. Duchesne

Abstract - Production of hydrocarbons from Canadian shales started slowly in 2005 and has significantly increased since. Natural gas is mainly being produced from Devonian shales in the Horn River...

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