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    Activity | HFC
    Nigeria | Closed
    This paper is an initial survey of HFC consumption in Nigeria in order to establish the current consumption of HFCs and provide future projections of growth patterns by substance and to the extent...
    Lagos, Nigeria
    Activity | Household Energy Hub
    India | Closed
    An activity carried out by the Coalition's Solution Centre supported an exchange between Nigerian and Indian women to share how they are transitioning to clean household energy. Women from three...
    Women from Notarpali village teaching RUWES women how to make improved clay stoves
    Activity | Agriculture Hub
    Nigeria | Ongoing
    With funding from the Coalition's Solution Centre, the International Cryosphere and Climate Initiative (ICCI) and researchers from Miami Ohio University and Michigan Technolgical University are using...
    Open burning map Nigeria
    Activity | Household Energy Hub
    Togo | Ongoing
    Togo's energy consumption comes mainly from three sources: biomass, petroleum products, and electricity. The consumption of biomass comes entirely from internal resources within the country. Firewood...
    Togo_Cooking_HEART. Photo: MD Duran on Unsplash
    Activity | National Planning Hub
    Pakistan | Future
    This project will support Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change in developing a methane roadmap building on previous CCAC projects. Project reference: Pakistan - Deliver a National Methane Action...
    Activity | National Planning Hub
    Paraguay | Ongoing
    The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADES) of Paraguay is receiving support from the Coalition's Supporting National Planning (SNAP) Initiative to develop an integrated emission...
    Asuncion, Paraguay


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