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    Activity | National Planning and Policy
    Mongolia | Closed
    A Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) partner since 2014, Mongolia is actively engaged to mitigate air pollution and climate change simultaneously. In 2019, the Government of Mongolia approved its...
    Ulaanbataar, Mongoli. Photo: Zazaa Mongolia, Wikimedia
    Activity | National Planning and Policy
    Thailand | Ongoing
    Thailand joined the CCAC in 2019 to develop its understanding of national black carbon and tropospheric ozone emissions. Seeking to build upon the findings of the CCAC’s regional assessment on Asia...
    Bangkok Thailand
    Activity | National Planning and Policy
    Togo | Ongoing
    Home to almost 8 million people, the West African country of Togo is increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change on ecosystems, crop yields, extreme weather events, and vulnerable...


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