Every Breath Counts: The Impact of Air Pollution on Childhood Pneumonia

11 November, 2016
Marrakech, Morocco

When: 13:00 - 15:00, 11 November

Where: Blue Zone, Climate Change Studio

On the eve of World Pneumonia Day, join UNICEF for a special event to demonstrate the linkages between the changing ecosystems and climates and increase prevalence in pneumonia. This event is also UNICEF’s launch of two new flagship reports: Clear the Air for Children and Within Our Grasp: A new vision for ending preventable pneumonia and diarrhoea deaths in children.

Climate change disproportionately affects low-income countries, particularly those located in the Global South. These countries are generally also more dependent on dirty energy sources for cooking fuel. According to WHO data, approximately three billion people cook and heat their homes using open fires and simple stoves burning biomass fuels (wood, animal dung and crop waste) and coal.

Several academic studies highlight the connections between air pollution, climate change, and respiratory infections, such as pneumonia. Every year, over four million people die prematurely from illness attributable to household air pollution created by cooking and heating with solid fuels. Disturbingly, household air pollution contributes to more than 50 per cent of pneumonia deaths of children under five, and pneumonia to more than 16 per cent of all under-five mortality. In addition to increased levels of indoor air pollution, many low income countries are also experiencing high rates of urbanization, resulting in drastic increases in air pollution from automobiles and industry. The combination of increased levels of ambient and indoor air pollution, coupled with lower levels of access to community-based health services, is a fatal combination.


Keynote Speech – Fatoumata Ndiaye, Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF

  • Launch Of UNICEF Reports
  • Video Screening


Interview Panel

  • Moderator And Host - Ciff
  • Regina De Dominicis, UNICEF Morocco Representative Convenes A Discussion On Pneumonia, TbC
  • “La Caixa” Spokesperson, TbC
  • Private Sector’s Role In Tackling Pneumonia
  • The Impact Of Air Pollution On Pneumonia – Mongolia Delegate
  • Youth Mapper On Air Pollution – Moroccan Youth Mapper
  • Closing Remarks – Science Director Of UN Environemnt To Close The Discussions


Interactive Session With Audience

Air Pollution Youth Mapping Explained

Innovation In Front Of Your Eyes!

  • Arida Vs. Ari Timer
  • Portable Air Pollution Sensors
  • Cook Stoves
  • Amox Tools


Light Refreshments Will Be Served For Follow Up Discussions

Event contact

Sandra Cavalieri,
Programme Manager
secretariat [at] ccacoalition.org
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