Strengthening the Focus on Freight Transport in the Climate Agenda

11 November, 2016
Marrakech, Morocco

When: 15:00-16:30, November 11

Where: Room 6, Green Zone, COP22


Freight transport accounts for 42% of transport CO2 emissions and is increasingly recognized as an important sector that has a role to play in curbing global GHG emissions. An increasing number of sustainable transport initiatives are being developed or implemented to move ahead with this agenda.

In this context, UNCTAD is organizing a side event on the margins of COP 22 to identify and discuss the freight transport and climate agenda nexus.

This  side event aims to:

  • Raise awareness about the role of sustainable freight transport for the realization of an effective sustainable, low carbon and resilient development path;
  • Identify the links between sustainable freight transport and the climate agenda;
  • Share best practices and capitalize on ynergies that may prevail between modes of transport and across supply chains;
  • Discuss potential areas of collaboration between various stakeholders (public and private);
  • Articulate a way forward 


Target audience: Governments, industry, IGOs, NGOs, financing institutions, academia, civil society, and, generally parties involved or interested in freight transport and its sustainability.

Panelists will include representatives from government, IMO, transit and transport corridors, experts in low-carbon transport.

Event contact

Denise San Valentin,
Programme Management Officer
secretariat [at]
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