US EPA SmartWay Freight Matters Webinar: The “Green Supply Chain”

14 November, 2018
2:00 pm EST
3:00 pm EST
Online event

US EPA SmartWay Webinar - The “Green Supply Chain”:  A critical assessment of a multimodal, multinational freight supply chain of a Fortune 50 retailer 

With freight volumes projected to quadruple by 2050, freight transport emissions and energy demand will swell further, with firms facing growing pressure to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce costs.  While some leading firms are already applying innovative technologies and strategies to optimize supply chain freight efficiency, these practices are not yet widely adopted.

The International Council on Clean Transportation has conducted a comprehensive case study and analysis of the freight supply chain of a major multinational retailer. By studying select product sourcing from inland China to store shelves in the U.S., researchers have been able to quantify the impacts of efficiency programs and highlight best practices which reduce emissions and costs. 

This webinar will help companies understand the range of strategies that can be deployed to enhance freight efficiency. The presentation will illustrate what a “green supply chain” looks like in the real world as compared with a traditional supply chain. Expert panelist(s) will share preliminary findings from the study, including insights about how even a “green supply chain” of today can continue to enhance efficiency with even more advanced strategies which are available now or on the horizon.  

This Webinar is for: Those individuals, companies, carriers, logistics providers, academic and industry experts interested in advancing freight supply chain sustainability.

Guest Speaker: Cristiano Façanha, PhD, International Council on Clean Transportation

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Participants must pre-register.  Registration closes at 12:00pm on the day of the webinar.

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