Climate Action 2016 Forum

4 May, 2016
Washington D.C., United States

The University of Maryland is hosting the Climate Action 2016 forum on May 4. It is ​a public conference ​to support the objectives of ​the Climate Action 2016 multi-stakeholder summit to be held in Washington, DC on May 5-6, the forum will provide an opportunity for discussion among ​academia and diverse range of stakeholders interested in ​advancing ​the climate implementation agenda.

From 11:20 to 12:30am the CCAC and the US Department of State will host a panel discussion in the Cliamte and Society track called: Fast Action, Quick Results, and Multiple Benefits: How reducing short-lived climate pollutants is a triple win for climate, health, and development. Panelists include: 

  • Drew Kodjak, Executive Director, The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
  • Durwood Zaelke, President, Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (IGSD)
  • Thomas Frankiewicz, US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Sandra Mazo-Nix, Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) Municipal Solid Waste Initiative Coordinator


It will be moderated by Jennifer Hadden, US State Department

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