Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP) White Paper 2014: Bringing Development and Climate Together in Asia


Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP)
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Reports, Case Studies & Assessments
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This ACP White Paper is the first in a series that aims to disseminate information on ACP activities and inform the latest discussions on co-benefits in Asia.

A series of high-profile reports on SLCPs highlight that Asia would see more than 60 percent of the co-benefits from introducing a set of priority technical mitigation measures. Yet there is also considerable scope before this potential is realised.
This Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP) White Paper̶the partnershipʼs initial flagship publication̶is organized around realising this potential in Asia. The White Paperʼs first chapter opens by outlining differing views on co-benefits, noting the recent emergence of SLCPs, and highlighting possible entry points for work on co-benefits in Asia. The second chapter looks at key drivers for co-benefits, pointing to important findings and possible applications. The third chapter summarizes science on GHGs and air pollutants as well as modelling frameworks and quantitative research that can estimate co-benefits. The fourth chapter narrows its focus on national policies and regional and international support mechanisms that can promote action on and enhance the implementation of measures with co-benefits (focusing on black carbon control measures). A concluding chapter reiterates key findings and points to ways forward, suggesting more work is needed on poorly characterised emission sources, stakeholder-centred approaches to co-benefits, and multi-issue nexuses.


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