Climate and Health – SD3

15 November, 2016
Marrakech, Morocco

Climate and Health – SD3

18:30-20:00, Tuesday, 15 November

Room Pacific, Blue Zone

This side-event will provide COP participants with an update on the action agenda that resulted from the Second Global Conference on Health and Climate, held in Paris on 7-8 July 2016. Moreover, the event will provide an overview of the action agenda for the public health community to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a healthier and more sustainable society. Furthermore, a proposal for a Global Coalition on Health, Environment and Climate Change will also be presented.

The session will focus on a number of questions, including: How can we ensure sustained country progress in good health by addressing climate change impacts with appropriate adaptation measures and by leveraging co-benefits from sustainable and low GEI emissions measures? How can national institutions be supported? How can international tracking processes under the UNFCCC and the SDGs support these national efforts?


Event Programme Facilitator: Director, PHE, WHO Dr Maria Neira
Opening remarks by: Dr HE Dr Margaret Chan, Director General, WHO; Minister of Environment, Morocco; Minister of Health, Morocco


Part 1: Technical Presentation
Update on Paris Agreement outcomes and the Second Global Conference on Health and Climate, action agenda and opportunities for the Health Sector. - Update on current programmes and activities on Climate Health Resilience, Health and Climate Country Profiles, Urban Health Initiative and Air pollution, with the goal of illustrating what is and can be done, what lessons can be learned, and priority next steps that should be taken going forward. 

Part 2: Round Table discussion
The side event is proposed to involve COP Parties in an open panel discussion to: - Reflect on the perspectives on COP 21 and provide ideas on how Ministers of Health could contribute constructively and effectively to the implementation of both Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals for the benefit of global public health.

Short interventions (5-7 min each) will focus on:

  • Global interconnections between Environment and Health: HE Dr Erik Solheim, Executive Secretary, UN Environment (TBC)
  • Air Pollution and SLCPs – Speakers: Honourable Mrs Carolina Skog, Minister of Environment, Sweden
  • Health Climate Resilience, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation – Speaker: Honourable Satini Tulaga Manuella, Minister of Health, Tuvalu
  • Right to health in the context of climate actions, by Dr Dr. Rhys Jones, OraTaiao, The New Zealand Climate & Health Council 
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