Costa Rica joined the Coalition in 2017 to promote alternative HFC technologies and standards, reduce black carbon from heavy duty diesel vehicles and engines, and mitigate short-lived climate pollutants from the municipal solid waste sector. 

Represented by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the country has committed to sharing its experience addressing air pollution and near-term climate change, and to working with the Coalition's partners. Costa Rica is working with the Coalition's Supporting National Planning (SNAP) and Agriculture Initiatives to strengthen national capacity for SLCP mitigation.


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Reducing air pollution is a key objective for Costa Rica that drives its policy and programs across many sectors:

  • The country launched its 'National Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan' in 2007, with the goal of improving its ecosystems and quality of life for its citizens.

  • In its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) submitted in 2015, the country set out plans to strengthen capacity for long-term low emissions development.
  • Its 'National Energy Plan 2015-2030' sets a path toward low emissions development by strengthening policies on energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy.

For more information about Costa Rica's actions on air pollution and climate change, visit the Ministerio de Ambiente y Energia website. 

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