Conducting an SLCP Measurement Survey Campaign of Emissions from Gas Flares: Final Technical Report on Black Carbon Measurements in Mexico and Ecuador

Conducting an SLCP measurement survey campaign of emissions from gas flares: Final technical report on black carbon measurements in Mexico and Ecuador


Conrad, B., Jefferson, M, Corbin, D. & Johnson. M.
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Scientific Publications
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The report summarizes work regarding the measurement of black carbon emission rate, flare gas flow rate, black carbon yield, and solid-phase flare efficiency under the research agreement from the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) for the project entitled “Conducting an SLCP Measurement Survey Campaign of Emissions from Gas Flares” – specifically, sub-activity 1a.  This final report is designed to satisfy the final deliverable due November 15, 2015.  Additional support was provided by Petróleos Mexicanos, Petroamazonas, the World Bank Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership, and Carleton University.


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