The University of Illinois is an implementer in the Coalition's Bricks initiative.

CCAC activities

Workstream | Bricks
A greater understanding of the brick sector’s pollution and climate impacts is needed in order to address black carbon and other short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) emissions. The Coalition’s...
Black carbon measurements


2020 | Reports, Case Studies & Assessments

Energy performance and emissions were measured at seven brick kilns in Colombia in summer 2016.. Measurement results include energy consumption, brick production rate, and emissions of particulate...

2016 | Guidelines & Tools
, Climate & Health Research Network (CHeRN); Mountain Air

El Ratnoze es un kit completo que incluye una caja de sensores, sonda, estuche de transporte y todos los accesorios necesarios para realizar el muestreo de emisión. El tren de muestreo contiene...

Guía del usario: Ratnoze 2


Champaign, Illinois
United States
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