Estudio comparativo sobre la cocción rural en el sector residencial


Arthur Laurent, Fernando Acosta
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Reports, Case Studies & Assessments
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This report was prepared by Microsol on behalf of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) in coordination with CCAC representatives in Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Various players that promote improved cookstoves in each country also contributed to the report. This document presents a comparative study between these countries and aims at participating in sustainable development through the promotion of improved cookstoves in the rural areas of Latin America. Based on a standardized national framework, this study used a sectorial approach (focused on cooking in the rural sector) resulting in the identification of the main initiatives already or to be implemented as of March 2018.

This document offers an overview of the sector and  eases the communication between various case studies, in a way that should inspire the organisations and institutions involved to take additional measures to those already implemented in each country. In addition this comparative study was used to propose a roadmap for the development and promotion of improved cookstoves in the rural areas in countries not only from the region but also outside Latin America.

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