Hazy Perceptions report launch (webinar)

16 April, 2019
15:00 CET (UTC+1)

Join Vital Strategies for the launch of its latest report, Hazy Perceptions, which examined over 500,000 news and social media posts from 11 countries in South and Southeast Asia (including India) to uncover gaps in public understanding and media coverage of Air Pollution.

There are several interesting findings in the report such as :

  • Public understanding of the long-term health consequences of poor air quality is low
  • Health authorities are not among the most influential sources of information
  • Public discussions tend to focus on short-term remedies
  • Conversation is driven by seasonal variations in air quality.
  • Social media posts and news articles on air pollution that mention climate change or children’s health produce more engagement than content not mentioning these topics

The key findings and recommendations from this report are intended to inform areas for increased awareness raising and strategic communications for academics, policy makers, advocates and others who communicate with journalists and the public about the harms and sources of air pollution, which is a leading risk factor for serious illness and death from heart and lung disease.

Event contact

CCAC Secretariat
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