Build Back Better Webinar Series - Three Transformations for Clean Air

18 June, 2020
9:00 EDT (13:00 UTC)
Online event

WRI is convening experts across sectors and geographies to provide insights about how to shift to a more sustainable and equitable model after COVID-19. Tune in to an upcoming webinar to engage in a conversation about the pandemic’s long-term implications and how recovery can support a range of environmental, economic, social and health benefits. Recorded webinars, slides and podcasts are also available.

As factories and offices have shut down and people have stayed at home more in response to COVID-19 and lockdowns, air pollution has dropped around the world. But pollution didn’t go away in many places, and pollution exposure over time has made thousands more vulnerable to complications from respiratory illnesses. Without setting ourselves on a new trajectory, we risk coming back to a world of even dirtier air and populations even more vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution.

WRI Ross Center will bring together a panel of experts to lay out this new trajectory, looking across three key transformations that we need for clean air: in energy, food systems, and sustainable consumption and waste management and how these transformations are needed from a city´s perspective. We will discuss the key leverage points for global shifts in trajectory, but track this back to an integrated agenda for cities, the places where pollution and people overlap most.

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