Andean Regional Conference: Assessing Open Agriculture Burning

12 - 13 February, 2015

The International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI), along with the CCAC and with the collaboration of the Peruvian National Water Authority (ANA) and the regional organization CONDESAN, will be holding a conference on open agricultural burning. The goal is identify where and why open burning occurs and assess concrete options for emissions reductions from open burning throughout the Andean region. This Andean work has a counterpart scoping project in the Himalayan cryosphere region.

As part of the activities of the CCAC Agriculture Initiative, the conference will also address broader climate change objectives focused on the Andean cryosphere and its role as a crucial source of water, as well as issues of food security and better livelihoods for farmers.

Reducing the use of agricultural open burning – primarily annual post-harvest burning of cultivated fields but potentially other agriculturally-related burning practices – produces benefits for agricultural productivity, health and conservation of the Andean cryosphere.

The conference will focus on open burning primarily in Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia, using completed satellite mapping combined with and confirmed by national and regional expert input. It will also raise awareness of the impacts of open burning on agricultural productivity, health and the Andean glaciers, and the general work of regional and/or national organizations. Key regional actors and stakeholders, as well as potential partners for ongoing work, will be identified

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Event contact

Tiy Chung,
Communications Officer
+33 6 26 71 79 81
Tiy.Chung [at]
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