As a founding member of the Coalition, Bangladesh actively contributes to efforts to improve air quality and address near-term climate change through the reduction of short-lived climate pollutants. Coalition membership has enabled Bangladesh to both benefit from Coalition activities carried out in the country and share its experience in reducing SLCPs with the Coalition’s Partners. Bangladesh leads by examples as one of the few countries in the world to have a National Action Plan to reduce SLCPs.

Bangladesh is a Lead Partner in the Coalition's Agriculture initiative.


Activity | Agriculture
Bangladesh | Ongoing
For rice growing countries such as Bangladesh, the methane produced by rice paddies is a significant portion of their total greenhouse gas emissions. Growing rice in flooded paddies produces methane...
Workstream | SNAP
While many countries recognize the value of addressing short-lived climate pollutants and taking an integrated approach to climate and air quality planning, they often lack capacity within the...
Workstream | SNAP
The major health, climate, crop yield and ecosystem benefits of short-lived climate pollutant mitigation that have been identified in global assessments will only be achieved through widespread and...
Workstream | HFC
HFCs have a wide range of uses, including in foams, refrigeration, and aerosols, and manufacturers tend to use well-known existing technology solutions that currently are not as climate-friendly as...
Workstream | Bricks
The Coalition provides training to brick kiln entrepreneurs, policy makers and implementers, and key consumers to facilitate the adoption of modern kiln technologies and practices. In many developing...
Bricks field training in Pakistan



Minister of Environment and Forests and Climate Change, Bangladesh Secretariate
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