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With the enactment of the Law on Air Quality in Paraguay in July 2014 and the subsequent acceptance of the country as a member of the CCAC, begins a building process of proposals and capabilities. Thus, through inter-institutional work, has been achieved that from July 1th, 2015. One of the achievements is lower sulfur content in diesel vehicles, from 1300 ppm to 500 ppm. Also it is developing a proposed adjustment to the Selective Consumption Tax (ISC) to petroleum fuel, which has as main objective to encourage cleaner fuels and discourage the more polluting.

In March, Paraguay worked with the Mario Molina Center (Chile) to relieve the national situation of the main sources of gaseous emissions and outline an action plan for the establishment of measures to reduce air pollution.

Relevant Regulations on SLCP:

  • Law 5211 of 2014 "Air Quality": In its Article 12, mentions the SLCPollutants as substances to be controlled
  • Decree 12685 of 2008 "Regulations on the Control of Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer and the Use of Alternative Technologies": Sets the registration requirement for import of HFCs and technologies that use
  • Draft Resolution "Establishing permissible air quality parameters": Sets, among other things the air quality limits for emissions of PM2.5 and PM10
  • Agreement between UNEP and Centro Mario Molina Chile "Relating to the support for the implementation of the air quality decision in Paraguay"

Relevant SLCP–related measures:

  • Resolution 1148 of 2014 the Ministry of Public Works and Communications "Whereby it is regulated the technical Characteristics to be met the new public transportation units in the metropolitan area of ​​Asuncion" Through this resolution, it is requiring that units of public transportation for the metropolitan area of ​​Asuncion should be new and Euro 3
  • Draft resolution "By which is included tropospheric ozone in the list of controlled substances pollutants, banned and their substitutes", which is waiting for subscription by the Minister of the Environment

Qualitative or quantitative assessment of the expected benefits of these policies and actions (including on climate, health, air quality, and ecosystem health):

  • Resolution 1148 is allowing renew the  public transportation fleet of the metropolitan area of Asunción , which will help to reduce emissions of particulate matter and in the short to medium term will become into direct benefits for air quality and health
  • The purpose of including tropospheric ozone in the list of substances pollutants controlled, is in order that it can measure the levels of this substance in the air, so that after it can to be controlled their production sources




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