Our approach

Driving global action with technical expertise, policy-relevant science and high-level political leadership

The Climate and Clean Air Coalition supports action to reduce short-lived climate pollutants in over 70 countries through our project funding and the individual actions of our partners. 

We aim to connect ambitious agenda setting with targeted mitigation action within countries and sectors. Robust science and analysis underpin our efforts.

Our work is focused on five key areas.

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National planning and policy development


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We assist countries to develop policies that jointly address their climate and clean air objectives.

Our approach enables countries to identify actions that can be implemented at the lowest cost while having the greatest impact on the rate of near-term global warming, public health and wellbeing. 

The coalition you have built among the private sector, finance, civil society, research and other institutions can help to build a new world of collaboration and high standards.

The results of your actions can have an immediate impact: cleaner industries, cleaner engines and oil and gas production, cleaner recycling and waste processing, cleaner brick kilns and cookstoves, and cleaner urban air.
Ban Ki-moon
Former Secretary-General of the United Nations
Waste project South Africa

Sector mitigation


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We help drive transformation in the main short-lived climate pollutant source sectors - agriculture, cooling, fossil fuels, household energy, transport and waste - by enabling collaboration between governments, industry and civil society on common goals and solutions. 

Our projects support the development and enforcement of policies and regulations and demonstrate the feasibility of available solutions. 

Oil and gas methane measurements

Science policy


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Our work is grounded in rigorous research and analysis of the causes and solutions to short-lived climate pollutants, as well as of the costs and benefits of implementing those solutions.

CCAC Ministerial meeting 2021

Political leadership and cooperation


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We bring leaders together to drive high-level ambition on short-lived climate pollutant mitigation.

By targeting decision makers across the spectrum of government, business, development banks and other key organizations, we aim to foster leadership and secure commitments for ambitious action. 

The Climate and Clean Air Coalition is about remarkable leaders working together to bring solutions to scale. It's about collaboration with national governments, cities, companies, civil society groups, all working together to address today's most urgent problems: the air we breathe and the existential climate change we face.
Andrew Steer
President and CEO, Bezos Earth Fund
Photo by Presidencia de la República Mexicana on Flickr

Climate commitments 


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We encourage countries to include short-lived climate pollutant targets in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Climate Agreement and support them to achieve these goals.