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We have a lot of new climate and clean air commitments climate and clean air!

During the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, we adopted the Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s 2030 Vision at the High Level Assembly.

“Our vision is an atmosphere that enables people and the planet to thrive – a stabilized climate with warming limited to 1.5°C and drastically reduced air pollution.”

By 2030 we will focus on actions that will rapidly reduce warming in the near term and maximize development, health, environmental and food security benefits. Next, partners will develop a strategic plan, building on political leadership, country level work, and enhanced knowledge and analytical capability to support the implementation of these ambitious action.

CCAC leaders talked about what we are doing and our expectations for the future to realize our 2030 Vision in this video:

Climate & Clean Air Coalition 11th High Level Assembly opening video

Climate & Clean Air Coalition 11th High Level Assembly opening video
Climate and Clean Air Coalition leaders present the work we are doing and expectations for the future to achieve our 2030 Vision

Megacities of the world also stepped up their commitments.

In October we participated in the C40 World Mayors Summit. The big commitments included zero waste, healthy food for all, zero carbon buildings and clean air for all.

C40 is one of the leaders in the CCAC's Municipal Solid Waste Initiative. We organized together a Deep Dive session on a Future Without Waste. The mayors of Johannesburg, Karachi, Philadelphia, Venice and Auckland shared their experience and challenges. Find out about this and more below!

News highlights

Policies that tackle climate and air pollution at the same time can raise global climate ambition

A new report takes stock of how countries are addressing climate, air pollution and development as closely linked challenges with common solutions.

How to enhance NDCs, reduce air pollution and improve human health

Reducing air pollution supports development goals. If done right, it could also increase countries’ commitments captured in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

35 cities unite to clean the air their citizens breathe, protecting the health of millions

Mayors from around the world have committed to a shared vision of meeting World Health Organization Air Quality Guidelines by 2030.

Green freight delivers the goods

The Global Green Freight Action Plan is helping to update the industry that transports goods around the world by making it more efficient and better for the environment.

Global Electric Vehicle Road Trip shines light on need for sustainable transport

The Electric Vehicle Road Trip organizes innovative e-Mobility Summits and long-distance road trips, to give space and visibility to the electric mobility industry.

Welcome to our newest partners

Upcoming events


President of Finland: reduce black carbon to protect the Arctic

Climate & Clean Air Coalition 11th High Level Assembly opening video

Funds, grants & awards

Gates Foundation’s GCE on “Innovations for Improving the Impact of Health Campaigns”

The Gates Foundation is seeking innovative solutions that accelerate the improvement of coverage, reach, efficiency, and effectiveness of health campaigns.

Deadline: 13 November 2019

D-Prize Cookstoves Challenge competition

D-Prize will award up to USD 20,000 to a social entrepreneur who can design a venture and sell 500 clean cookstoves and generate USD 5,000 in revenue, and whose business can scale and reach 25,000 homes within two years.

Deadline: 1 December 2019

Earth Talent by Bolloré group

The Bolloré Group group wishes to coordinate not-for-profit projects in Europe and internationally aiming at improving the social and economic situation of youth and respond promptly and effectively to humanitarian initiatives.

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