Maldives' National Action Plan on Air Pollutants


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Policies, Plans & Regulations
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The Maldives’ National Action Plan on Air Pollutants is an integrated appraoch to reducing both air pollution and cliamte forcers. The Maldives’ Ministry of Environment has developed, compiled and quantified for the first time, the reductions in air pollutants for measures originally developed with the aim of reducing greenhouse gases in the country. 

The 28 mitigation measures included in the plan are effective in reducing emissions of air pollutants, short-lived climate pollutants, and carbon dioxide, including an estimated 60% reduction in direct fine particulate matter emissions, and 40% reduction in black carbon emissions by 2030.

All 28 specific mitigation measures in the National Action Plan align with existing plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the three major air pollution source sectors: electricity generation, transport and waste.


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