21st Climate & Clean Air Coalition Working Group & other meetings


Dates: 25-29 September 2017
Venue: OECD headquarters, Paris, France

Overview of the meeting week:

  • 25-26 September – Working Group meeting
  • 27 September - Financing of SLCPs event; Cities and Breathe life event; Initiative meetings
  • 28-29 September - National Action and Planning Workshop (SNAP)

The September Working Group meeting covered: preparations for the 2017 High Level Assembly with focus on agriculture and waste actions, including a draft communique with voluntary action commitments; steps to improve the Coalition’s efforts to leverage finance at scale to reduce short-lived climate pollutants; further discussions with the Scientific Advisory Panel on their proposed pathways approach to reach the Paris temperature goal and sustainable development; and progress on metrics as a follow-up to the April 2017 Working Group.

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