Building a Financial Model to Sustain Open Waste Burning Early Warning Systems for Better Governance, Health and Sustainable Livelihoods

Digital Innovation Pavilion (Blue Zone)
Waste hub

This session  will showcase some practical examples of projects that have been funded and implemented by various partners in support of sustainable waste management, early warning systems and social inclusive development based circular economy initiatives. 

The session will demonstrate how telco infrastructure can be used in expansion of air quality monitoring solutions in low and middle-income countries particularly in Africa continent for  tapping source based GHG emission monitoring for better urban planning, with objectives of better health and safety,  leading to protection of livelihoods, healthier environment, clean air and climate action benefits.

Demonstrate the role of emerging technology and sustainable business model in developing regions and solutions towards waste management, targeting projects implemented by SMEs, youth and women with benefits to environment, biodiversity, climate, health and livelihoods.

Showcase a business model for linking waste management, circularity, air pollution and climate change cognizant over half of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in developing regions and national planning are geared towards solutions in waste management.

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