Carbon and climate pollutants: a global sectorial approach. The case of HFCs and methane.


Giving a price to carbon is the best incentive to lead those who emit carbon in their activities to shift to less emitting or even carbon-free technologies. More and more countries are veering towards or have already adopted the carbon pricing principle. What is true for carbon applies to other climate pollutants.

A global agreement in the framework of the Montreal protocol has already given significant results for substances that deplete the ozone layer. The Kigali Amendment of 2016 enlarged the Montreal Protocol of 1985 to include emissions of HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons). This webinar will take stock of what action has already been implemented for HFCs and explore the feasibility of a global agreement between firms emitting methane based on a global emissions permits market.

Draft agenda

  • Welcome remarks: Edmond Alphandéry, Chairman of the Task Force on Carbon Pricing in Europe
  • Moderator and guest speaker: Helena Molin Valdés, Head of Secretariat of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition on the Montreal Protocol and its achievements
  • Methane overview: Drew Schindell, Chair CCAC Science Advisory Panel on “What the Science Says”: Emissions levels, Sources of emissions, Climate Impacts, Health & Impacts, Emissions Reduction Potential, Near-term Temperature Impact
  • Learning from Success —the Montreal Protocol: Durwood Zaelke, President, International Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development on what it has done; what has been its impact; what can we learn and apply to methane
  • Learning from Markets —HFCs and Methane: Yvan Champagne, President, BlueSource Methane on what has worked; what are the conditions that drive success; how can the private sector be energized
  • How might the pieces fit together: Dan McDougall, Senior Fellow, Climate and Clean Air Coalition on what are some models that might drive change
  • Panel discussion with leading oil and gas companies followed by a debate among participants

If you are interested in participating in the event, please contact Nina Massis at nina.massis [at]