CCAC Waste Hub Insight Meeting


We are pleased to welcome Ebun Ayandele Senior Associate at RMI; David Rogers, International Director at WRAP; Anja Schwetje, Senior Expert on Waste Management, Climate Mitigation and Data, at UBA, Germany; and Robert Dick, Senior Vice President at SCS Engineers to discuss solutions to mitigate waste methane emissions.

The webinar is a follow up to the Insight Meeting held on 15 February on detecting waste methane emissions using satellites and ground monitoring. This Insight Meeting will discuss solutions in more detail, including food waste prevention, organic waste diversion, and improving the operations of landfills and landfill gas systems.


Ebun Ayandele will present key strategies for mitigating methane emissions from municipal solid waste. David Rogers will present on how food waste prevention. Anja Schwetje will present on organic waste diversion. Finally, Robert Dick will present on landfill operations and landfill gas. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A moderated by the CCAC to identify common challenges and seek opportunities for peer-to-peer engagement on SLCP mitigation.

We welcome all CCAC Partners, Hub Members and interested colleagues to join CCAC Hub Insight Meetings to learn more about emerging issues and contribute ideas from your country or organization’s work.

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About the Presenters

About Ebun

Ebun is a Senior Associate on RMI's Climate Aligned Industry. She is the project manager on RMI's waste sector methane abatement and leads the workstream on mitigating methane emissions from municipal solid waste. Previously, she supported the development of RMI’s Climate Action Engine—a data analytics platform that integrates asset level data, emissions data, satellite, and other remote sensing data to produce actionable insights that improve carbon transparency and accountability, enabling emission mitigation in the oil and gas sector. Prior to that, Ebun worked with RMI’s Africa Energy program, where she supported rural electrification strategies to provide affordable, reliable, and clean energy access in sub-Saharan Africa through techno-economic modeling of mini-grid systems, market research and project implementation. Ebun also worked with mining companies where she conducted analysis to enable transition to low-carbon energy alternatives. She holds a bachelor's and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University at Buffalo and a second master's degree in Energy Systems from Northeastern University. 

About David

David has been with WRAP for 14 years and leads the delivery of WRAP’s international work on sustainable use of materials and circular economy. David has delivered projects across Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, covering policy development, voluntary agreements, and consumer campaigns in plastics, food, and textile industries. David has worked with the EU Commission, UN Environment, World Economic Forum, the Commonwealth and Foreign Office, national governments, and major corporations around the world. David is recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in collaborative, public-private agreements and has supported the development of agreements on food waste, plastics, and textiles across Europe, North America, Latin America, S. Asia, Africa, and Australia. 

About Anja

Anja Schwetje is a Senior Scientific Officer of the German Environment Agency (UBA) in the Section III 2.4 ‘Waste Technology, Waste Technology Transfer’ since 2014 responsible for topics on waste with a nexus to climate protection and methane emission reduction. She is one of the Co-Leads of the Waste Hub of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), Vice-Chair of the Working Group on Climate Change and Waste Management of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), Co-Chair of the Working Group on Organic Waste of the PREVENT Waste Alliance and an active member of the Global Methane Initiative (GMI), the German RETech Partnership and others. By profession a process engineer, she has more than 30 years of international experience in waste management and circular economy, and more than 20 years in advising governments, administrations and private sector, especially in EU-accession countries and the EU-neighbourhood. 

About Bob

Bob Dick received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and joined SCS Engineers in 1990. He is a Senior Vice President responsible for leading SCS’ Engineering Practice in the USA mid-Atlantic region. With over 30 years of experience working on civil and environmental engineering projects related to solid waste management, he has performed landfill and landfill gas engineering projects (design, permitting, construction, and operations) in more than 15 states and several foreign countries. Mr. Dick has also directed and completed numerous project assignments related to solid waste planning and facility projects which have involved residential and commercial collection and recycling programs as well as convenience centers, composting facilities, and material recovery facility design, permitting, construction, and operations consulting. He is active with SWANA, NWRA, ISWA, and ASCE and has authored several publications and made numerous presentations on air quality, solid waste management, landfill engineering and landfill gas management/control, design/operations, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, composting, and regulatory compliance. Bob is a Board Certified Environmental Engineer, a member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, and a Professional Engineer licensed in Virginia and North Carolina.