CCAC Working Group


The next CCAC Working Group meeting is planned for Tuesday 25 May, Wednesday 26 May and Thursday 27 May from 14:00 to 17:00 CEST/Paris each day via Webex Events.

The Working Group meeting agenda takes a modular approach so Partners can choose where they wish to participate. Broadly the three days combine: science-policy discussions around methane (day 1), Coalition matters (day 2) and national action and best practices sharing (day 3).

The objectives of the May 2020 WG meeting are to:

  1. Introduce and discuss key findings from the CCAC Global Methane Assessment and accompanying methane tools, discussing scientific and policy strategies to quickly move from the Global Methane Assessment conclusions to action, drawing on specific examples from Partner countries.
  2. Share experiences between national governments on:
  • using clean air, health, agricultural benefits to increase climate ambition.
  • opportunities and best practice for countries to catalyze fast action on methane (and other SLCPs) including through e.g. Paris Agreement mechanisms such as the NDCs and net-zero strategies.

3.     Engage Partners and plan for the 2021 Ministerial pledging event at COP26 and discuss resource mobilization to implement the 2030 Strategy.

4.     Launch of call for proposals under the CCAC Action Programme.

5.     Take stock on implementation of the 2030 Strategy, including reports-back from pre-WG focused discussion sessions.

6.     Provide updates on other CCAC matters, including: SC/Board elections; SAP membership/appointments; Updated CCAC key dates for 2021-2022.


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