Challenges, opportunities and key early actions for the phase down of HFCs and launch of the study “Africa and the Kigali Amendment”

ICAO Headquarters

At this side event, we will discuss current needs and challenges, but most importantly also identify opportunities for African countries to make the Kigali Amendment a success. The publication “Africa and the Kigali Amendment”, produced by UNIDO, with support from the Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea (IMELS), will be launched. The lead authors and international experts will present general guidance on the Amendment’s major obligations, deadlines and opportunities. In addition, the panel with the support of the audience, will discuss possible sets of early activities to be adopted for a smooth and effective Kigali Amendment implementation and enforcement.

The side event will also address different fields of HFC applications. It aims to familiarize participants with challenges to be faced and provide an overview of the climate-friendly and cost-effective alternative technologies available in several sectors.

Participants will receive two new publications as digital copy on a USB stick: 

  • “Ready, steady, go! Africa and the Kigali Amendment”
  • “Kigali Amendment: Vienna Talks – Challenges, opportunities and key actions for the phase down of HFCs”