Europe Workshop on Green Freight Programs


Europe Workshop on Green Freight Programs

Hotel Leopold, Rue du Luxembourg 35, Brussels, Belgium
Thursday, 6 April - Friday, 7 April, 2017


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This two-day workshop brings together governments, industry and civil society to explore how to expand green freight programs across Europe and promote collaboration between them.

Green Freight Programs supplement policies and empower industry to take practical actions that make the global freight sector more efficient and environmentally sustainable. The CCAC Global Green Freight Action Plan supports this by aligning and replicating green freight programs worldwide and integrating black carbon and air pollutants alongside CO2 emissions.


6 April 10:30 – 17:00 Introducing Green Freight Program
Presentations and panel discussions to provide a common understanding of existing programs in Europe and discuss how collaboration and replication/expansion can be achieved

  • Introducing the CCAC Global Green Freight Action Plan
  • Existing programs in Europe
  • Green Freight Program components and examples from existing programs
    • Targets for emission reductions
    •  Measurement, reporting and verification
    •  Implementing actions to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions
    •  Collaboration and exchange across the logistics supply chain
    •  Labels and recognition of program members
    •  Pro-active policy input
  • How to increase collaboration between existing programs and support replication


7 April 09:00 – 16:00 – How to develop a Green Freight Program
Interactive workshop especially targeting countries interested in establishing or improving green freight programs with input from existing green freight programs and experts

  • What is involved in developing a Green Freight Program
  • Working on the challenges and needs of European countries interested in establishing or improving green freight programs
  • Next steps: how to concretely take this forward

Registration and more information

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For information please contact info [at] (subject: Europe%20Workshop%20on%20Green%20Freight%20Programs) (info[at]smartfreightcentre[dot]org)

Workshop framing materials

European Cooperation on Sustainable Logistics - Design of a Platform
Feedback from CCAC European countries on new national Green Freight Programs 
Analysis of potential Smart Freight Leaders linked to Green Freight Programs