Financing access to LPG - Programs that improve LPG service and access in Ghana, Kenya and Haiti


This webinar is intended for policy makers, practitioners and researchers interested in improving access to, and affordability of, clean cooking fuels . Participants will learn about Ghana’s transition to the LPG recirculation model to expand LPG access safely and effectively. They will discover an innovative program offering pay-as-you-cook LPG service for emerging markets: Envirofit’s SmartGas, with over 300 units in Kenya and Ghana. Finally they will hear about the findings on the economics of access to LPG in Haiti from a household perspective and the associated effects in terms of SLCP and greenhouse gas emissions.



Jessica Alderman, Envirofit, Director of Communications & Public Relations

Jessica manages Envirofit’s global communications, public relations, marketing, and founded Envirofit’s women’s empowerment programs. She works closely with Envirofit’s subsidiaries and diverse international partners to create and implement marketing campaigns and women’s empowerment programs that can be adapted and delivered locally. With over 8 years of international experience, she has managed projects in Nepal, Uganda, Kenya, Laos, Israel and Palestine. Jessica received her BA in microbiology from Colorado College and her Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Prior to working at Envirofit, Jessica was a research and media consultant with USAID, UNFPA, the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund and Circle of Health International.

Alex Evans, GLPGP’s Chair, Operating Committee

Alex Evans is Chairman of the Operating Committee of the Global LPG Partnership (GLPGP). The GLPGP is an international public-private partnership launched in 2012 under the UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative whose mission is to lift one billion persons from energy poverty in developing countries by 2030 through market reform and investment interventions to scale up rapidly the supply, infrastructure, distribution and use of clean and affordable energy, specifically liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Mr. Evans also serves as President & COO of Energy Transportation Group, a founding member of the GLPGP. Prior to ETG, Mr. Evans served as a senior executive in Fortune 500, public and privately-held companies in the global ICT sector.

Thomas Thivillon, Entrepreneurs du Monde (EDM)

Thomas Thivillon manages the impact evaluation arm of Microfinance Solidaire SAS, an impact investment fund set up by French NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde. As part of his work for Microfinance Solidaire, he chairs the Board of Directors of Palmis Enèji S.A.

Palmis Enèji is a social business venture based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which develops last-mile distribution channels for off-grid energy solutions