Policy and Advocacy Network Event for Cleaner Bricks Production in Latin America


The objective of this event is to foster specific State engagement and resolves to implement traditional brick sector policies.  The main objective of this event is to generate a dialogue between different institutions on the challenges, and opportunities to transform the bricks sector; to support Colombia in their efforts to include the sector as part the global, regional and national agendas on sustainable development. At the same time the event seeks to exchange successful experiences from Latin America on the impact and implementation of regional public policies linked to the brick sector (ie. from Mexico, Peru, and plans for Paraguay ) and its potential contribution to the Paris Agreement.  

The four-day event and workshop, which includes a site visit to brick kilns in the region of Boyacá, is co-hosted by the CCAC, Colombia's Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Center for Human Rights and Environment (CEDHA)—coordinator of the PAN LAC network,with the collaboration of Swisscontact and Corporacion Ambiental Empresarial (CAEM), a key technical partner of the CCAC.