PTAC Air Issues Forum - Re-capturing Momentum on Flaring and Venting Reductions

Flaring and venting emissions are critical topics for the petroleum industry in Canada. The most recent ST-60B report from the Alberta Energy Regulator indicates that after 14 years of decline and stability, solution gas flared and vented has increased during the last 3 years. The momentum for reductions needs to be re-captured.

Internationally, PTAC is collaborating with the United Nations Environment Programme’s Climate and Clean Air Coalition for the deployment of technologies to reduce emissions of short-lived greenhouse gases (e.g. methane) and of black carbon for the purpose of improving air quality and health in developing countries.

The Forum (starting at 8:00 until 16:30) will feature a panel composed of industry decision-makers, government policy leaders and regulators, and scientists to address the current situation in western Canada, future trends, economics and technology opportunities. Technology and innovation results and their application in Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, China and Nigeria will be presented. Case studies of technology solutions developed and deployed in Western Canada will also be showcased, including field performance and economics. Please visit the official event page for more details and complete programme.

PTAC invites you to register for this event to learn the latest industry statistics, scientific advances and emerging technology solutions and best practices. There is also opportunity to contribute to the discussion on this renewed momentum by your questions and comments to panelists and speakers and networking during the reception and lunch/breaks.