Scaling up Climate Actions for Resilient and Low Emission Landscapes in Asia and Pacific: In the Lead up to COP27


This umbrella initiative is a series of virtual events that aims to provide and enhance understanding of climate policies, pledges and initiatives from the COP26, and their impacts on the push towards resilient and low-emissions landscapes in the Asia-Pacific region. Bringing together the world’s leading experts, practitioners, climate scientists, policymakers, technical agencies, donors and civil society organizations (CSOs), this series of events aims to:

  • Discuss, debate and identify areas to leverage on and scale up actions in the land use sector as countries ramp up implementation of the NDCs and other commitments, in the lead up to COP27 in Egypt in 2022;
  • Disseminate timely information on the outcomes of COP26 for all stakeholders engaged in the land use sectors in the Asia-Pacific region,specifically with a view for inter-sectoral information exchange and collaboration;
  • Discuss in depth sectoral needs and determine negotiation strategies, highlighting the important role of the agriculture, land use, and forestry sectors to contribute to each country’s climate pledgesincluding ambitious net-zero targets and the Global Methane Pledge.
  • Enhance country capacities to understand the technical and financial resources available and required to scale up climate actions through partnership building.
  • To highlight best practices already existing within the region and country experiences that need scaling up to contribute to ambitions.

This initiative is organized by organizations united in the long-term objective of supporting countries in the Asia and Pacific region to meet their national goals and targets through greater understanding and engagement with the relevant climate policy frameworks.

These meetings, therefore, expand beyond the agriculture, forestry and land use sectors and take a broader landscape based and integrated approach. This is a reflection as more countries prioritize adaptation and mitigation policies and measures for the land-use sectors through effective management.

Five events are planned between March 1st and 22nd.

March 1-3: Synthesis of COP 26 for the land use sectors
13:00-15:00 Bangkok time
​Organizers: RECOFTC, FAO RAP and UN-REDD Programme

March 15-16: Transforming agriculture through resilient and low emission practices – the role of KJWA and the Methane Pledge
14:00-16:00 Bangkok time

March 22: Scaling ambitious actions through partnerships
10:00-12:30 Bangkok time
Organizers: FAO and CCAC

Date TBD: ANGA Strategic Meeting (negotiators only meeting
Organizers: FAO and GIZ

Date TBD: ASEAN Social Forestry Network and REDD+
Organizers: RECOFTC and UN-REDD Programme