Setting the Path Forward Towards Environmentally Responsible Vehicle Thermal Management with Future Fluids and System Designs, Including Professional Service Practices and Equipment

(New York)

Future mobility is well on its way towards electric vehicles, which don’t have the ability to generate their own heat like an internal combustion engine. Current heating options reduce driving range (negating some of the environmental benefits of EVs) leading us to look at alternative vehicle thermal management system designs. This includes the best fluids to use to provide both heating and air conditioning at optimal efficiency. With concerns about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), the time has come to consider what our future may look like with proposed alternative, natural and blend refrigerants.

This side event will present an affordable path forward for Article 5 Parties to implement sustainable refrigerants and reversable heat pump systems for electric vehicles with even more environmentally friendly refrigerants. In addition, we will explore the best service practices, tools and equipment that can be used RIGHT NOW by technicians in A5 countries and around the world to minimise the environmental impact of the existing refrigerants used in mobile applications.

Steven Schaeber   
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