Waste Hub Technology and Information Exchange (at Ecomondo 2022)

Ecomondo 2022

A delegation of representatives from the CCAC Waste Hub partner network will be traveling to Rimini, Italy, to take part in an information and technology exchange during Ecomondo 2022. The exchange will allow building capacity amongst policymakers and stakeholders on policies and actions to reduce methane and black carbon emissions from the municipal waste sector, support technical cooperation and technology transfer with Italian stakeholders, and leverage additional training, knowledge sharing, and networking during the event and through a site visit to an anaerobic digestion and composting facility.

The delegation consists of representatives from Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brazil. 

The exchange will be held during Ecomondo 2022, the world’s largest green technology expo. Ecomondo is the reference event in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin for a green and circular economy. The exchange will include the unique opportunity to experience and discuss state-of-the-art waste technology with exhibitors, to participate in conference events bringing together different support and financing programmes and institutions for waste and climate change, to visit and learn about waste management in the Rimini region and to meet waste experts from Italy and all over the world.